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Webeism | What's it all about?

Other than being a somewhat ridiculous neologism for "belief in webiness", Webeism is... me, John Hemsley. Thanks for dropping by! I'm a freelance web developer with 6+ years of development experience under my belt.

I deliver projects across the "full-stack" of back end / database / server technologies through to front end development. My preferred tools of the trade are PHP, MySQL, HTML(5), CSS(3), JS and JQuery, however I do have experience in other languages, systems and acronyms.

I have delivered booking systems, payment gateway integrations, reporting modules, custom login zones, full websites, webpages, widgets and a whole lot more. I have worked across the events, travel, health, education, recruitment and many other sectors.

Take a look at the services I can offer you below and get in touch if you think I might be able to assist in your web projects.

Webeism | Services

Freelance Web Development

Freelance Web Developent

Need a completely new site? Changes to an existing site? Integration with a payment provider? Customised business functionality? Bespoke customer login area? New booking system? Updated reporting functionality? General web consulting? I'm here to listen, develop and deliver!

Idea: Drop me a message!


Freelance Web Developent

Need a quick "1 pager" to advertise your wares? Something a bit more substantial, 4-5 pages of those lovely Unique Selling Points to wow your customers? A full and unique tailor made e-commerce site linked to your in-house product database?

You know what to do: Click to make contact!


Freelance Web Developent

Maybe you just need some attention paid to a particular page on your site? Troubleshooting pesky errors on a section? Upgrading pages for that necessary evil "Search Engine Optimisation"? Developing a product database for your sales page?

Food for thought: Give me a shout!


Freelance Web Developent

Need some customised social widgets? Want a tailor-made booking portal unique to your site? Need a new image gallery widget? Converting a widget from an old database or different language? Like what somebody else has done and want the same? Whatever your needs...

If you don't ask, you don't get: Click here to ask away!

Webeism | Examples

I am constantly dipping in and out of web projects. Tweaking a database query here, updating some HTML there, sending the odd HTML email in between.

I have briefly highlighted a few more recent projects below so you have more of an idea as to how I might be able to help you.

Booking and Payment System

Integration of Barclays"EPDQ" payment system into a new 4 stage booking process for Brighton School of English. Management of Barclays options through custom CMS. Additional functionality to handle multiple currencies.

ELC image 1 ELC image 2 ELC image 3
ELC thumb 1
ELC thumb 2
ELC thumb 3

Main tools utilised:

  • HTML / CSS / AJAX | Front end user experience
  • MySQL | Custom database for complex products
  • PHP | Handling payment feedback to update the bookings database
  • Barclays EPDQ back office configuration


Isle of Wight hovercraft operators Hovertravel needed a system to provide some of their technology parters with selected system data. The solution was a custom API allowing end-point clients to securely query the latest prices, offers, promotions and hovercraft status.

Booking and Payment System example image 1 Booking and Payment System example image 2 Booking and Payment System example image 3
HVT image 1
HVT image 2
HVT image 3

Main tools utilised:

  • PHP (OOP)| Classes to validate API queries and return requested JSON data
  • MySQL | Database structure to allow scalability of API offering

Amazon API

Experimental development with the Amazon Product Advertising API. A travel site wanted to link their destination landing pages into the Amazon API to display location specific product offerings.

AMZ image 1 AMZ image 2 AMZ image 3
AMZ thumb 1
AMZ thumb 2
AMZ thumb 3

Main tools utilised:

  • HTML / CSS / AJAX | Add to cart / edit / sort / product details within landing page
  • PHP / XML | Querying the Amazon API / filtering and caching responses

Webeism | Frequently Asked Quandaries

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